For all treatments the highest class magnification is being used (Zeiss Dental Microscope) to achieve high level of precision and minimize tissue preparation.
New Patient Examination (x-rays included, treatment plan) £90.00
Routine Examination £40.00
Digital Radiograph (up to 80% reduced dose over conventional X-Ray)   £12.00
Scale & Polish with Hygienist
Scale & Polish with Dentist (30min session) 

Restorations (fillings,crown,bridges,veneers)
Composite filling (tooth shade restoration) from £95.00
Composite Inlay/Onlay (large restoration with longer
  than conventional filling durability) 
from £295.00
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay
Gold Inlay/Onlay
from £395.00
from £385.00
Porcelain on metal/gold crown
Full Porcelain cosmetic crown
from £400.00
(Zirconia / Lava / e.Max) from £500.00
Bridge (porcelain on metal) from £350.00 per unit
Full Porcelain cosmetic bridge
Maryland bridge
from £450.00 per unit  
from £300.00 per unit
from £395.00
Crown recement from £75.00
Bridge recement from £104.00
Post (custom made) from £125.00
Crown removal £30.00
Temporary Crown            - included in the crown fee  
Fibre glass tooth core reconstruction
Fibre glass splint (per tooth)
from £125.00
from £50.00

Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment incisor/canine 1-2 root canals from £250.00
Root canal treatment premolar from £275.00
Root canal treatment molar from £375.00
Re-root canal treatment   additional fee per each rootcanal from £50.00
Single use instruments from £60.00

Extraction from £90.00
Surgical extraction from £150.00
Surgical dressing £85.00

Teeth whitening upper & lower arch  (night time whitening)
Internal tooth whitening
initial visit
every follow up visit


Full acrylic denture
Partial acrylic denture
Addition to acrylic denture
Partial chrome-cobalt dentures
from £500.00
from £350.00
from   £80.00
from £950.00
Valplast micro denture from £325.00

Periodontal treatment (gum disease treatment)
Laser periodontal treatment (infected gum pocket treatment)
Waterlase  Deep Pocket Therapy
from £350.00
 Laser soft tissue curettage
(gum disease treatment with diode laser)
from  £150.00

Laser assisted procedures
Laser cosmetic  crown lengthening from £125.00
Laser teeth whitening (in house whitening) from £950.00
Laser assisted filling     from £145.00
Laser operculectomy (removal of inflamed gum covering
  wisdom tooth)
from £125.00
Laser frenectomy (lip / tongue frenulum incision) from £125.00
Laser gingival recontouring (gummy smile correction) from £300.00
Laser teeth desensitizing (per 30 min session ) from £125.00
Laser biostimulation (TMJ pain, herpes, ulcers,
  healing stimulation, skin revitalisation) (10min session)
Laser assisted root canal treatment (additional procedure with conventional root canal treatment) 
- included in root canal treatment fee

 Emergency visit  (not including treatment) from £60.00
Fixed braces orthodontic    from £2500.00
TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular-Joint)   
Diagnostics from £125.00
Treatment from £135.00

Some of the Equipment we use for the treatment

  • Zeiss Dental Microscope
  • Dental loupes
  • Biolase Waterlase MD laser
  • Biolase EzLase diode laser
  • B&L system for root canal obturation
  • Raypex V apex locator
  • NSK and Adec endodontic micromotors
  • Digital Radiography Durr Dental
  • Velscope VX for soft tissue scans
  • Sopro 617 Intraoral Camera