If you have a tooth missing, it is vital that you get it replaced as soon as possible to stop further damages from occurring. Your mouth can only work properly if all of its parts are there, and a missing tooth can cause further missing teeth, back and neck pain, jaw aches and pains, indigestion, and speech impediments as well.!


All-on-4® (Same-day teeth)

On the day of the surgery all 4 implants are inserted in the morning. The procedure is easy and painless (implants are inserted under local anaesthetic) and safe for your health. Our technician will work hard to get your teeth done and within a few hours, you will leave with your brand new smile.


Dental implant

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root. It is the only method of tooth replacement that will stop more teeth from going missing, because it replaces all of the parts of the teeth, thereby stopping the disintegration of the alveolus. Dental implants consist of a dental implant that goes into the jaw, an abutment and a crown. To get a dental implant, you must undergo a routine, very slight surgical procedure in which the dental implant is placed into your jawbone, and there is a roughly 3-6 month healing time..



Dental crown, dental bridge:

A dental crown replaces the visible portion of the tooth, and thereby gives back chewing function and can help with speech impediments, but is powerless to stop tooth loss from becoming worse and from more teeth going missing, because it does not replace the tooth roots. A dental bridge is a row of two or more dental crowns. Dental crowns can replace any teeth, and are done in one business week, and cost significantly less than dental implants.



Dentures are for when there are no, or hardly any teeth left on an entire row. Dentures can come in removable or fixed kinds, and can be stabilised using dental implants, or can be adhered, or use the force of suction to stay in place. To get dentures, you need only get your impression taken, and get the dentures fitted. You will have to go back on a regular basis to get them refitted, though.


Implant supported denture:

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Due to their stability and durability, only 4 implants are enough to support an entire denture, so even if you have lost the majority of your teeth you can still benefit from the advantages of dental implants with an implant- supported denture. Having an implant supported denture can give you back the ability to chew and smile like you would with your natural teeth.